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Our operations division provides services that range from designing small commercial power systems to building large-scale utility projects. Through leveraging our growing pipeline of projects and years of relationships in the industry, we provide customers of all types cost-effective procurement and construction pricing in all markets we serve.

 We work with structural and electrical engineers to design safe and reliable code-compliant packages that ensure your project stays on schedule. Our team has substantial experience designing roof and ground-mounted solar projects. 

Alder Energy facilitates the procurement of all major components necessary for the project. A successful installation begins with a set of the best materials and equipment available in the industry to ensure the project is completed in a timely and cost-effective way. Alder accesses competitive pricing options without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Staying ahead of deadlines and within the budget are paramount for a successful solar construction project. We pride ourselves on consistently maintaining these goals through our in-depth planning process and leaning on our previous experience of over 400 completed projects. We anticipate issues that might arise and work efficiently to minimize the risk and resolve them in an accelerated manner. Should the unexpected occur, our team is skilled in addressing a problem and implementing a solution expediently. Alder Energy operates each project with precision, attention to detail, and a strict onsite safety protocol.

Maintaining and repairing system components is critical to ensuring the reliability of a renewable energy generating facility. By utilizing state of the art technology and a staff with deep understanding and expertise, Alder Energy is able to guarantee optimal operation of solar powered facilities for our clients. Our staff consists of North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) technicians and Master Electricians. Clients have the peace of mind that we are qualified with the experience to skillfully manage solar power plants.

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