Community Solar Development

Solar Farms with Alder Energy

What is Community Solar?

 Community solar arrays, also referred to as solar farms or solar gardens, provide access to a renewable energy program that benefits the community in multiple ways, including energy bill savings, job creation, and providing clean energy. Households and businesses can participate without installing solar panels on their rooftops or property. 

In addition to bringing greater equity to the solar market by expanding who directly benefits from solar energy, community solar helps regions become more energy independent. Instead of importing dirty fuel into your state, community solar helps create good jobs and clean energy locally. Properly managed community solar farms also protect natural resources, preserving clean air and water while benefiting local agriculture and wildlife.

Our Solar Farm Projects

Host a Solar Farm on Your Land or Roof

Alder Energy develops solar projects that provide accessible, clean, lower cost power solutions.

Our in-house industry experts work closely with our trusted partners to handle all aspects of solar farm installations including site analysis, financing, engineering and design, construction, monitoring and ongoing maintenance.

Alder Energy works directly with landowners to construct efficient clean energy solar farms that lower electricity costs, are environmentally friendly and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Alder Energy develops small to large-scale solar farms that provide clean power to local communities. Projects can be sized and built to meet demand given the constraints of their location. Large rooftops, parking lot structures, and farm land are all ideal for solar farmers – if the local zoning rules allow it.

Where Alder Energy Development Is Actively Seeking Sites:

  • Maryland
  • Illinois
  • Michigan
Alder Energy Jamison Solar Farm aerial view

We work with landowners to educate their neighbors and communities about the benefits of solar.

If you own land or a large rooftop anywhere, we’ll be happy to consider it for a solar project. Contact Us to see if your site could host a solar farm.

Benefits to Property Owners:

  • Long-term lease (minimum of 25 years)
  • Annual lease payment (amount based upon site conditions)
  • Passive income

The solar farm is constructed, operated and maintained at no cost to the property partner. Alder Energy’s experience brings successful solar projects online in communities across the country. We know the important questions to ask and how to develop your property into a long-term, sustainable source of energy that provides financial certainty for future generations.

Interested in Learning more about the benefits of community solar? Check out our free guide on the value of community solar.

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