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Making Solar Simple

Reach your clean energy goals by installing on-site solar. Businesses throughout the country currently capitalize on the financial opportunities and benefits that come with installing solar. Deciding to install a solar energy system will provide a solid financial return and promote your company’s commitment to helping the environment. Alder Energy offers a variety of loan and lease financing options, which provide a reduced cost method for your business to go solar, receive tax incentives, and see tremendous electric bill savings.

Making Solar Simple






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Commercial Solar Site Qualifiers

• Property Ownership: You must own the property where you wish to implement solar panels.
• Ample Space for Roof or Ground Mounted Arrays: This is important so that your system can be installed to effectively meet your energy needs.
• Little or No Shade: The best solar production comes when panels receive direct sunlight for at least 6 hours per day. Ideally your site should have a clear view of the sun, however it’s possible to work around some shade with the design of your solar system.
• Roof Age: As solar panels remain productive for thirty years or more, you need to install them on a relatively new and updated roof that is in good condition.
• Roof Material: Alder Energy is able to install solar on almost all types of roofing, including: rolled composite, membrane flat roofs, composite shingles, standing seam metal, and 5V metal roofs. Before starting any project, we analyze your roof to see if it’s suitable for solar.
• Electric Bill: We will analyze your electric bill history, considering your rate and energy (kWh) use to understand what solution will fit your goals.

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Capitalize on the financial opportunities of installing solar.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of commercial solar panels? Check out our free guide on the value of business solar.

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