Your company is mandated to slash energy expenditures and reduce its carbon footprint – either as part of an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiative or because customers demand you reach carbon neutrality. Converting your facilities’ primary energy source to solar is often a leading solution.

Now, how to go about it…

First, you will want to partner with a solar company with years of experience handling commercial solar installations. Alder Energy Systems has provided turnkey solar solutions to the Southeast for over 15 years, consistently bringing unmatched expertise in siting, design, installation, and customer service to businesses.

Determining the most cost-efficient number and position of solar panels, angle of installation, structural support required, hour-by-hour savings or net metering considerations might be a foreign language to you. The local regulations governing solar installation and your utility’s requirements are not part of your enterprise’s core competencies.

When you meet with your Alder Energy customer service representative, they will educate you on all these considerations and design a customized plan for your business. They are well-versed in the cost offsets at various hours of the day and times of the year, as well as your utility’s net metering policies that pay solar customers for every unit of electricity (kWh) their solar array returns to the grid. Alder Energy’s specialized software can determine the sweet spot for savings between the electricity costs your business will offset and the energy you can export. Generating green, carbon-neutral solar power will determine your emissions offset.

Alder Energy’s surveyor will fly a drone over your property to take aerial measurements that help its engineer fine-tune the plans. The reconnaissance aids in deciding where to place panels, how many to employ, and how to angle them for maximum sun exposure. For large parcels or rooftops, drone surveys determine precise locations of obstacles, such as HVAC units, vents, wiring, skylights, and other impediments.

Here’s an example of how Alder Energy can customize your proposal: Consider a commercial customer in Berkeley County, serviced by Berkeley Electric Cooperative. Alder Energy mines an entire year’s hourly energy use for the customer—all 8,760 hours—and employs industry software to determine the most cost-effective usage pattern for that customer. The plan considers Berkeley Electric’s particular rate structures for electricity taken from the grid and electricity pumped into it. Their rate structure differs from that of Dominion, Duke, Georgia Power, or most other electric co-ops, which only a company with a deep well of experience in the Southeast would know in detail.

Alder Energy’s expertise in the peculiarities of solar installations in the various parts of the region benefits customers. For example, in areas that get ice or severe weather like hurricanes or tornadoes, local building codes often require stronger attachments between solar panels and the edifices on which they reside. Failing to meet those standards could cost tens of thousands of dollars come storm season.

Offering staff support that meets the industry’s highest standards has prompted Alder Energy to earn the three most important certifications from its national industry organization. Staff at Alder are certified in photovoltaic (PV) installation, PV design and PV technical sales. To earn these credentials, staff must participate in training from industry experts, pass tests and demonstrate that they continue to educate themselves on the newest innovations and best practices.

Other solar companies with less experience sometimes make implausible proposals to customers because they lack expertise on utility rate structures, local regulations, and other important considerations. Some companies contract out the design, engineering, and installation to national subcontractors. At Alder Energy, your salesperson will remain with the project from beginning to end. The result is that the plan produced for each individual customer is attainable, not a come-on that will have to be altered later.

Clean energy from the sun’s rays can save a company six figures annually, allowing it to slash its environmental impact. All it takes is a partner qualified to find every efficiency and guide its customers to the right solution for each one.

Ready to take the next move towards clean energy for your business? Contact an Alder Energy Systems expert today for more information. Also, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.





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