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More Than 50% of Businesses Say They’re ‘Least Advanced’ When It Comes to Energy

Better, cheaper technology and novel financing schemes could help far more organizations take part in the energy transition. In early 2018, Google proclaimed that it had achieved its 100 percent renewable energy target. The global IT giant has the scale and resources to invest in novel power-purchase agreements for clean energy, tackle energy efficiency projects and […]

How to work with your homeowner’s association to install solar on your home

Everyone  should have the right to go solar on their property. Some states enshrine that right with solar access laws, which prohibit local governments and homeowners’ associations (HOAs) from preventing homeowners from going solar. Unfortunately, not every state has these laws; even in some that do, HOAs may still have outdated policies that block homeowners’ solar access […]

Is the Utility-Scale Solar Industry in a Finance Bubble?

The utility-scale solar market has gotten “frothy” in the last year and a half. A flood of new investors, like pension funds and insurance companies, now view solar as a stable asset. That “wall of money” going after a smaller pool of projects has created a market so competitive that many sponsors are willing to […]

Coalition Rolls Out 100 Day Clean Energy Agenda for 2019

COLUMBIA, S.C. – A coalition of solar industry groups, conservation organizations, and clean energy advocates announced today the release of a 100 Day Clean Energy Agenda, calling on state lawmakers to pass a suite of policies in the first 100 Days of 2019 that will inject competition into South Carolina’s energy sector. The campaign will […]

How a Record-Hot Summer Turned 200 Buildings Into Grid Heroes (and how they got paid)

The summer of 2018 was the fourth-hottest on record for the United States, straining electric grids across the country as air conditioning use skyrocketed and electricity demand spiked. Until recently, hot and humid summers typically meant cringeworthy utility bills for commercial and multifamily residential building owners. But this summer, more building owners and managers than […]

Hurricane Florence crippled electricity and coal — solar and wind were back the next day

Nearly two weeks after Hurricane Florence swamped North and South Carolina, thousands of residents who get power from coal-fired utilities remain without electricity. Yet solar installations, which provide less than 5 percent of North Carolina’s energy, were up and running the day after the storm, according to electricity news outlet GTM. And while half of […]