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With years of experience installing solar panels in South Carolina for both commercial and residential spaces, Alder Energy Systems can bring your energy into the 21st century. Our Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems have introduced the next generation of South Carolina innovators to the cost-saving benefits of solar power. Call us today to lower your electric bill with affordable, clean, renewable energy solutions, and take advantage of flexible financing options.

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Our Services

Solar PV Installation

A Trusted Resource: We value our relationships with our clients and are confident they will say the same thing. Customer service is our priority!

Planning & Consulting

Solar Energy Specialists: We assist with all levels of sustainable energy implementation. We take the time to ensure your solar system is planned perfectly for your situation & needs.

Financial Analysis

After an initial consultation, we’ll determine the economic benefits you could realize by installing solar panels. We will also discuss available tax credits, utility incentives, and other financial solutions to help you get the best return for your solar investment.

Project Design

Turnkey Provider: AES designs and installs Solar PV Systems in SC and throughout the Southeast. We make the solar process simple for our customers!

Operations & Maintenance

Our OSHA 10-HR Certified team includes an on-staff SC Licensed Electrician and Commercial Contractor (G117184). We are devoted to keeping your solar systems running seamlessly!

Our solar energy services are backed by 30+ years of industry excellence, brilliant innovation and a stellar reputation.

Commercial Solar Power

Sustainable energy, consistent power, and protection against rising utility prices are just a few of the advantages of commercial solar power. Commercial solar panels can also help to establish your organization as an innovator and leader in the community, on top of saving your company money.

Ready to make the solar power leap?

With years of experience, Alder Energy can install a custom solar power system to fit the unique needs of your commercial space- satisfaction guaranteed! Solar can both save your company money, and we make it simple with our custom-tailored leases & loans. Give us a call to learn more today.

South Carolina Solar Project Portfolio

The proof of our work is not just in the panels, but in how we find the best solution for each individual site. Check out Alder Energy Systems’ project portfolio, including a map of our latest residential and commercial solar panel installations in South Carolina.

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Why Go Solar?

Reduce electricity costs

An investment in savings

Protect the environment

Increase property value

True energy independence

Government incentives & rebates

What Customers Say


“I got a small residential rooftop solar system installed by Alder and they were great. In the sales process, they were very professional and attentive to any questions I had. Communication was good while the system was getting permitted and while we scheduled our installation. The installation went smoothly and the crew was friendly. I got the system turned on quickly after installation and I am now producing my own power and it feels great.”
WA_chs, 12/18/17

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“Great experience with Alder Energy- My wife and I received quotes from several companies over the course of 2 years. Alder stood above the others. Our salesman, Benny, was knowledgeable and passionate about solar and not pushy like the others.

Our panels have been live for about 4 months and our production has exceeded the proposed numbers each month. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, as some of the other companies were a bit overzealous with their estimates

Alder has been readily available for any follow-up questions and continue to check in on our production. Alder made going solar an experience NOT a business deal.”
Paul Krasowski, 11/20/17

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“The planning and installation of my system was executed flawlessly. My system went live on 1/17/17. As of 2/17/17 (one month later), my system has generated more than 1MWh. My electric bill went from $75.06 to $8.96. Great People, Products, and Services. Their internal business processes are very efficient (proposal, contracts, review and approval of documents, etc.). Project Management is World Class and very professional. Customer service is very responsive. Perfect example of how a business and customer service should be executed. I really appreciate your service. Thank You Very Much!

Owen, 2/16/17


“After comparison shopping for a solar installer, Alder Energy won my business by refusing to cut corners even during the bidding process. While it might has stopped them from being the absolute lowest bidder, it did convince me of their commitment to doing business the right way. The installation process validated my decision as they were extremely professional and skilled. Communications and customer service were outstanding for the entire job. I highly recommend this company!”

Mike Eason, 2/15/16

Residential Solar Power

Going green? Installing solar panels for your home can provide reliable, renewable energy while helping to reduce your monthly utility bill.

Next Steps Towards Solar Power?

We will scope out your home solar needs and provide a tailored plan to help you maximize energy output and utility savings. Solar can not only help you retain electricity during storms and/or hurricanes, but going solar also helps you become more independent financially from large energy companies.

If you’re ready to take a cost-savvy and responsible step toward clean energy, contact Alder Energy today.

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